New technology assessment for market entry / Market tracking for enhanced sales strategies

Global Medical Device Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Companies

Backgrounds and Objectives

To understand the trends of usage and potential demand for The Client’s potential and/or existing products / technologies in hospitals in Japan (e.g. the markets for anti-adhesion material, automated suturing devices) – achieved through detailed patient-level data analysis, outcome assessment (e.g. surgical site infections, post-op bleeding, post-op septicemia etc.) and on-site observation & data collection.


Using DPC data, GHC engaged in a deep dive assessment of new surgical and clinical trial technology vis-a-vis conventional methods, and also tracks present and past usage of our clients’ products based on the following factors:

– Patient profile (age, gender, disease, complications)
– Hospital type and size
– Top target diseases / surgeries
– Frequency / volume / timing of usage
– Medical remuneration, cost of medication / materials for target patients


Many clients stood to gain from the value of DPC data – a level of granularity in tracking the usage of each client’s products that cannot be attained in any typical market research project.

Being able to track the growth of the market in Japan allowed our clients to tweak their sales and marketing strategies, as well as further develop their product strategy to target the Japanese market.