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ABOUT About Global Health Consulting Japan (GHC)

GHC is a data-driven healthcare management consulting company dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare, improving outcomes, and ensuring clients' financial sustainability while steadfastly advocating for a patient-centric perspective to healthcare in Japan.

Our employees comprise medical professionals, health economists, academics, renowned medical journalists with privileged access to real-time inputs on policy discussions, IT experts and healthcare strategy consultants. Their interwoven domain expertise, fortified by a shared passion for the betterment of healthcare provision in Japan, provide a sturdy foundation for GHC's holistic coverage of perspectives across the care continuum.

Entrusted with a trove of clinical and financial data provided by our key clientele of approximately 50% of acute care hospitals in Japan, GHC is the pioneer of the acclaimed hospital benchmarking approach in Japan. Working hand-in-hand with both medical and administrative hospital stakeholders, GHC provides crucial quantitative insights for an objective evaluation of the present state and standard of care, pain points and concrete measures for improvement, coupled with qualitative insights on policy and market trends tailored to the strategic imperatives of each hospital.

With an in-depth understanding of and anchored presence in the Japanese healthcare scene, GHC also responds to the needs of market leaders - medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, digital health companies - by supporting their go-to-market strategy building and in-house training and talent development programs.

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Hospital Management - Consulting Services

Hospital Management - Consulting Services

GHC is the pioneer of the benchmarking approach in Japan - a systematic, data-driven performance evaluation method commonly employed in the US for driving continuous improvement amongst healthcare providers.

At GHC, our consulting for hospital management is founded upon 4 pillars - Vision & Strategic Planning, Revenue Optimization, Cost Reduction, Talent Development. With the healthcare landscape in a constant state of flux, GHC is committed to keeping each of these four pillars relevant and responsive to both internal and external sources of change.

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Hospital Business Analytics - Solutions and Services

Hospital Business Analytics - Solutions and Services

GHC's proprietary Hopsital Dashboardχ solution is intricately designed and constantly renewed via the joint efforts of our consultants and in-house IT expertise. We recognize that the benefits of medical big data can only be reaped with clean data, tailored and guided analytics, as well as an accessible user interface.

Therefore, our clients are presented with an all-rounded monthly evaluation of their performance as benchmarked against other hospitals in Japan, based on a set of parameters designed to help hospital staff establish a sustainable methodology for reviewing performance internally, ensuring business continuity and seeking improved outcomes in line with Japanese health policy.

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Market Strategy for Healthcare Companies - Consulting Services

Market Strategy for Healthcare Companies -
Consulting Services

GHC supports its corporate clients in the healthcare market through various stages of their market entry and expansion, in line with our belief in a patient-centric model of healthcare where value of healthcare (as a function of the quality of healthcare and costs incurred) remains the shared goal of both healthcare providers and product/service providers.

From your R&D challenges to marketing & sales strategy, GHC's access to medical big data and key opinion leaders in the industry, complemented by our expertise in reimbursement policies and hospital needs, makes us the top choice for companies seeking to establish their place in the Japanese market.

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