Hospital Business Analytics - Solutions and Services

GHC's in-house IT experts work closely with our consultants to develop various solutions to meet the needs of hospitals in Japan. Our solutions have been designed to ensure that our clients can have easy and ready access to relevant information and data to aid them in each facet of hospital administration.

Hospital Dashboardχ

The Hospital Dashboardχ is GHC's proprietary business analytics tool for acute care hospitals in Japan.

It is designed to help hospitals identify specific pain points based on the most up-to-date data (DPC data, financial data, charting records, surgical records, as well as market data available on public domain by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and relevant governmental organizations), and aid their continuous tracking of the improvement process.

Our clients are able to maintain their internal PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle with the help of Hospital Dashboardχ functions that are specifically crafted to reflect performance indicators and flag changes across time, or relative to other DPC hospitals.

Examples of Key Features:
*All features can be analyzed by the month, and users can select their target hospital types for benchmarking.
- Inpatient clinical path (by Major Disease Categories (MDC), clinical departments, ICD10 codes, surgical procedure codes, DPC codes): Patient volume, ALOS, cost and volume of medical resources, rehabilitation, remuneration bonus attainment rates
- Outpatient consultations (by Major Disease Categories (MDC), clinical departments): Patient volume, case volume, disease types, unit cost of treatment
- Market landscape: Competitors, market share, various performance indicators
- Integrated care: Patient referral volume and referral sites, trends in patient volumes through referrals

  • Ponsuke



  • EVE


    Other GHC solutions include EVE, a benchmarking solution jointly developed with Medical Data Vision Co. (MDV)



    A monthly report service tailor-made for our clients to examine the latest DPC-related topics

  • JHAstis


    A report service offered in collaboration with the Japan Hospital Association Strategy Tactics Information System, to assist non-DPC hospitals with their hospital management strategy.