One of the key issues in healthcare is the information gap that remains evident amongst the different stakeholders - in particular, the clinical information gap between patients and providers, and the policy information gap between providers and policymakers.

GHC recognizes this issue as an impediment to the delivery of healthcare, especially in a highly regulated market where the issue of information creates a gap between policymaking and execution in reality, and further hinder a socially optimal quantity of demand and supply of care.

Narrowing the information gap and helping our clients to stay atune of the rapid changes in Japan's healthcare scene are the foundations of our media platform, GemMed, and the various other publications.



With more than 2 million page views as of July 2019, GHC's proprietary media platform GemMed is the go-to site for all individuals involved in hospital administration to obtain the latest insights and news updates on regulatory updates, policy directives, potential areas of reform and more. Contents are updated on a daily basis, straight from the roundtables of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the Central Social Insurance Medical Council.

Food for Thought: GHC HealthBytes


A special column where GHC consultants share tidbits on latest happenings and key tips on how companies should address the needs of the Japanese healthcare market.


GHC’s Chairman Aki Yoshikawa and CEO Sachiko Watanabe have authored and co-authored several publications that highlight the salient issues that plague the Japanese healthcare system, particularly in light of the “2025 Issue” where all 6.5 million of the postwar baby boomer generation will reach the age of 75, and one in three citizens in Japan will be over 65.

How will the medical and nursing infrastructure, as well as the reimbursement system, handle this significant demographic shift? How has the universal healthcare system in Japan contributed to the patterns of consumption of healthcare?

These are key questions that both consumers and providers of healthcare have to consider as stakeholders of this society, and GHC recognizes the need to greater public awareness on these issues close to heart.


  • 著者:アキよしかわ・渡辺さちこ
  • 発行年:2020年
  • 出版社:株式会社MDNコーポレーション
  • ・コロナ禍のデータが暴く医療の「病」
  • ・病床過剰でも「逼迫」のなぜ
  • ・病院がコロナ後に目指すべき進路




  • Author: Aki Yoshikawa
  • Published in 2017 by Kodansha Ltd.
  • ・患者視点で日米がん医療を比較
  • ・日本にない「患者に寄り添う伴走者」
  • ・進まない「医療の情報公開」




  • 著者:アキよしかわ・渡辺さちこ
  • Published in 2015 by Gentosha Inc.
  • ・2025年問題と日本の社会保障
  • ・これまでの医療政策の大きな問題点
  • ・持続可能な地域医療に必要な視点



  • Author: Aki Yoshikawa
  • Published in 2010 by Gentosha Inc.
  • ・出来高払い制度の限界とDPC到来
  • ・米国からみた日本医療の矛盾
  • ・患者が病院を選択する時代へ


Hospitals with Missions Must Survive!

  • Author: Sachiko Watanabe
  • Published in 2009 by Gentosha Inc.
  • ・必ずしも「いい病院」は健全経営?
  • ・病院経営戦略の基本
  • ・有名病院の経営カイゼン手法とは