Message from our CEO

Global Health Consulting - Your team of experts committed to the enhancement of the value of healthcare through data-driven analysis

代表取締役社長 渡辺幸子

 Global Health Consulting Japan (GHC-J, established in 2004) is a team of professionals that specializes in management consulting geared towards improving the value of healthcare at acute care hospitals in Japan.

 GHC-J is the pioneer of the benchmarking analysis system in Japan, capitalizing on the accumulated expertise from Stanford University (where GHC Chairman, Dr. Aki Yoshikawa was the Associate Director of the Comparative Health Care Policy Research Project) through data-driven analysis performed in the United States of America, as well as various European and Southeast Asian countries. This legacy is carried forward by GHC-J's carefully handpicked team of consultants with an unrivalled understanding of both clinical and operational aspects of the hospital.

 As a data-rich organization exemplifying the amalgamation of quantitative and qualitative analysis from the clinical, operational and business administrative perspectives, we have prided ourselves on our patient-centric approach toward supporting major acute care hospitals in Japan in their efforts to raise the value of healthcare delivery. GHC is committed to guiding our clients to take the leap towards a greater future of healthcare; our clients' successes over the past 15 years have been the core of our reputation and the trust that we have gained from the industry as the reputed leader in hospital management consulting.

 GHC-J brands our clients as "visionary hospitals" to celebrate their unrelenting efforts towards improving the value of healthcare they provide to patients. A visionary hospital is one that prioritizes the patient, constantly seeks to optimize methods of provision of healthcare, and adopts a sustainable framework of provision that responds directly to the needs of the population in the region.

 One crucial aspect of enhancing the value of healthcare is the development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health technologies. In order for Japan's providers to keep up with global trends, we believe that visionary hospitals must be ready to adopt new technologies necessary for improving productivity, optimizing costs and providing healthcare of greater quality.

 GHC-J therefore has a new mission - to be the bridge between Japan's visionary hospitals, and global companies that are making waves in the world of medical technology.

With our vision of a sustainable system of healthcare delivery in Japan, supported by technology on par with global standards, GHC-J will continue to strive to support Japan's hospitals in bringing the greatest possible value to its patients and each region.