Line extension and medical remuneration optimization

A publicly traded biopharmaceutical company.

Backgrounds and Objectives

1. To examine the possibility of pediatric indications of an existing drug product as part of the product life management strategy.
2. To understand the potential impact of expanding the target patient pool and reconsider the present medical remuneration category


The following group of patients were evaluated by sex, age, ALOS, hospital type, disease type, cost of hospitalization, cost of drugs, based on GHC’s existing database with an extensive coverage of acute care hospitals in Japan:

– Group 1 – Patients admitted under the Major Diagnostic Categories identified by The Client and administered with a select categories of drugs (e.g. immunosuppressants, chemotherapeutic agents)

– Group 2 – Patients classified under DPC codes documenting existing immunodeficient conditions


By identifying the trends in expenditure on drugs and overall hospitalization based on the different factors of analyses and disease types, The Client was able to identify areas of improvement for the appropriate selection of DPC codes involving the administration of Drug X, as well as potential diseases types / patient profiles to for expansion of drug indications.