Localized programs for HR training and development

Healthcare companies – Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Healthcare IT etc.

Backgrounds and Objectives

For in-house training & education – to educate both local and overseas counterparts on the complexities of the Japanese healthcare system and policies, in order to facilitate smooth and high-quality sales & marketing / research & development.


Lecture / Workshop Contents:

– Japan’s healthcare system & key policies, distribution of medical institutions in Japan by type/size, key features
– Insights on biennial review of Japan’s medical remuneration system (shinryouhoushuuseido) and related systems like drug pricing (yakka), inpatient Diagnostic Procedure Combination (DPC) system
– Workshop-style discussion and examination of the impact of policy changes on the key areas of focus of The Client / the participants.


Comprehension of the complexities of Japan’s healthcare and medical remuneration system are often found to be inadequate in the case of both top-level executives and ground-level employees.

Having these lectures held as part of employee on-boarding training and on a regular basis to keep employees updated has helped our clients nurture a highly productive and well-informed workforce. Overseas counterparts involved in Japanese operations also stand to benefit from a basic understanding of the system.